Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Resolution in 2009

Top on my list is to shut down this blog. Why?

Since I'm not posting much and found blogspot is not suitable to post photo. Thumbnail is so small and difficult to navigate to other photos. Site like flickr is much more suitable for photo, even Facebook is easier.

Also, commitment is not there. Still very passion about photography but not on blogging about it. Beside that, have other new found hobbies that is taking much energy and time out of me.

Finally, how do I bring it down? As usual, there are instruction to setup blog, website, email account etc, but no guide to shut it down. Anyhow, will do it by end of Jan 09. Do let me know if you know how.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kinabalu Trip

The week before going to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah trip, I got excited because will have plenty of opportunities to shot interesting subjects. Firstly, knowing Sabah will have awesome sunset(furthermore, staying in Promenade Hotel with Anjung Senja just in front), surely I need to bring along the tripod, with some filters and a wide angle lens.

Next, surely there will be beautiful and unique people to spot, must bring a telephoto lens, 70 -200 will be nice. Next, sure to have beautiful plants and flowers, and not to mention, may also spot some small insect or animal – macro lense.

What next, cultural show – flashgun. Also, essential accessories like charger, portable hard disk, cable etc.

Not to worry, my Lowepro Minitrekker AW can accommodate all.

Haha, wishful thinking, as I am forgetting that it is a family trip. Most importantly, Dylan, our 1 + year old son is coming along.

Nevermind, I will just sacrifice the macro lens, in thinking I will have no time to spot them. Opss, what about the heavy 70-200… also, the troublesome tripod. In the end, I was wondering what else I have left to shot without all those gear. Anyhow, my mind still playing with the idea still might capable to bring all along.

Finally, it stuck me that I will not be able to carry all those gears as first planned. Why? When my wife start to pack for our luggage bag, found that we have tons of stuffs to bring along, 0.5kg of milk powder, 1 week supply of Diapers (55 pieces), bottles, Dylan jacket etc. In fact, we need to buy a new 62 liter bag in order to carry all those stuffs!

In the end, I only bring Nikon D70s, with 18-70mm kit lens. Also some little accessories like card reader, charger and portable hard disk : - )

What else did I bring along for all those spaces save?
A backpack filled with
Hobbes – Dylan best friend (a soft toy)
0.5l Thermos
1.5 liter water container
A Pacifier
A Jacket
A set of spare clothing
A pair of slipper
Some biscuit
Some bread

Start wondering if I will have any opportunity to shot . . .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Been missing quite sometime - guess where I have gone?

Wow, my last entry is from last year.....

Anyhow, been away for 1 week + with my family.

Where? A photo clue, taken outside of our room.

Click to have bigger view.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

4th Jun 2007 Second Day Part 1

Wake up early in the morning and all have the official first shooting. Where we went?

Shooting at Pasar Ikan, Fishing Jetty, Chester Street and Pasar Besar, Tawau. There are lots of interesting subjects. (Click on photo to zoom in)

When I almost reach the jetty, I smell a very refreshing fragrance. Quickly, I dashed there, seeing crowds gathered around.
It was totally choas for me. However, I start to notice there are bags of packed mango, which smell wonderful (suddenly, felt very hungry!).

Later, it stuck me, this is a market. People is selling immediately after stocks are unloaded from the boats.

Customers selecting packed mango. Lots of choices!!!!

There are lots of other stuffs traded here.

Boat fully loaded with bananas. Workers unloading after a deal is agreed upon.

Fishing Jetty.

Lighting was very good, ray of light fall onto these 3 fishermen that just woke up and relaxing in front of their boat.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

First Day

On arrival, after checking out from Tawau Airport. There is already a welcome party, other peoples though this group of people might be VIP. Yusuf, Steven and Bani started taking photos of us.

This is also the first opportunity that I got to know who is who, as usually I know them my nickname only. Beside Malaysian group from Photomalaysia, Indonesia's group also arrived leaded by Kristupa.

After check-in to Kingston Hotel, have lunch in Sri Keningau, buffet style. Everyone start to get to know each other, very nice environment, as all are chatting about photography.

Later, we all decide to rent to 4WD landcuirser to a fishing village for our first photo shoot session.

Here are 2 photos from that session.

First, Drying salted fish near jetty. Local make salted fish from their catch. I found this interesting because they are dry hanging up. I composed it with fishing boat as background and showing the beautiful blue sky in Sabah.

Child Play

Saw group of local boys playing around their village. Compose when they were nearby cloths where hang dry under the sun.